In order to get where you are going, you need to know where you want to go. Your personalized strategic planning process may include any combination of the following services:


  •    Organizational fundraising assessment
  •    Staff level strategic planning
  •    Board-level strategic planning retreat; includes preparation, facilitation iiiand follow up on a one day strategic planning retreat
  •    Board training and development; includes preparation, facilitation and iiifollow up on a one day board training retreat
  •    Development of a functional budget
  •    Development of a fundraising plan to accompany your strategic plan.
  •    Development of an organizational case statement

Your purchase of a strategic planning package guarantees the full attention and participation of EcoWorks Unlimited President Karla Wilson, with over 25 years experience in non-profit strategic planning, management and development work. Your personalized strategic planning package will be developed in partnership with your organization, with your specific needs in mind.